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Dec 27th, 2023

Navigating from GST Confidence to MSME Complexity with Parijat Garg and Rahul Jain

Welcome to your go-to platform for in-depth discussions on the lending industry. In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of microfinance in India. Microfinance institutions serve as the initial gateway to credit for countless individuals, playing a pivotal role in fostering financial inclusion.
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Episode 09
    The Transformative Potential of MSMEs in the Next Decade

    In the next three to five years, how will the MSME sector evolve and which industries will drive economic growth?

    Episode 09
      Innovation in Microfinance: Empowering India's Underserved Populations.

      Welcome to your go-to platform for in-depth discussions on the lending industry. In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of microfinance in India.

      Episode 09
        Uniting Data and Technology for Informed Financial Assessment

        Join us for an insightful conversation with industry experts as we delve into the evolving landscape of financial evaluation and inclusion.

        Episode 09
          Uncovering Hidden Data and Predicting Risk with Advanced Analytics

          In this engaging podcast episode, Hosted by Rahul Jain, Co-Founder at AllCloud, we have a full house of industry experts in collaboration with IDfy, ready to shed light on the MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) lending sector.

          Episode 09
            Navigating the Complex Web of Data and Relationship in Modern Lending.

            Join us in episode 2 as we uncover the intricate relationship between data and lending. In this episode, hosted by Rahul Jain, Co-Founder of AllCloud in collaboration with IDfy, we unravel the essential role of data—both traditional and alternative—in shaping lending decisions.

            Episode 09
              Helping MSME secure funds Faster: Role of KYC and integrated onboarding systems

              In this special podcast episode, brought to you in collaboration with IDfy, we have a powerhouse of experts ready to shed light on the dynamic world of MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises) lending.

              Episode 09
                Digitizing Cooperative Banking: Explore AllCloud's Loan Origination & Management Solution.

                Join us, As George from AllCloud sheds light on the transformative potential of cooperative banking through our state-of-the-art solutions. Today, let's delve into our robust "Loan Origination and Loan Management Solution."

                Episode 09
                  Driving Prosperity- Unraveling the Roadmap of Auto Financing with AllCloud's Tech.

                  Discover how AllCloud's cutting-edge unified lending technology is reshaping India's auto financing landscape. With 35 crore vehicles on the road and a 25% annual growth rate, the market is primed for innovation.

                  Episode 09
                    Empowering MSMEs: Rise in Digital Lending & Trust-Building

                    This episode promises to be both enlightening and informative as we delve into the world of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and their significant role in shaping India's economy.

                    Episode 09
                      Navigating The Compliance Landscape: Understanding Compliance for NBFCs

                      In today's landscape, understanding the impact of compliances and establishing an ecosystem that perpetually adheres to them has become increasingly crucial.

                      Episode 09
                        Enabling MSMEs: Advancing Credit Assessment for Economic Development

                        Welcome to a very special episode of Lending Insights, where we delve into the world of MSMEs and explore how we can redefine their credit profiles.

                        Episode 09
                          Revolutionizing Loan Disbursement: The Importance of Speed to Delivery for Co-operative Banks

                          Join us in our new video series focused on cooperative banks and discover how digitizing your loan origination system can improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability

                          Episode 09
                            Exploring opportunities & risks in EV lending

                            EV financing opportunities are here, and with a strategic approach and innovative technology, you can tap into a rapidly growing market with enormous potential.

                            Episode 09
                              How Co-Lending is Helping NBFCs and Smaller Banks Bridge the Liquidity Gap

                              In this episode, we're discussing co-lending and how it can help non-banking finance companies and smaller banks grow and increase their loan books.

                              Episode 09
                                Making Financial Products and Services Available Online for a Seamless Customer Experience

                                Listen to Harsh Saruparia, Co-founder of OTO Capital, where we speak on making financial products and services available online for a seamless customer experience.

                                Episode 09
                                  Lending Technology Conclave 2023

                                  Welcome to the AllCloud and SSCGI event! We are excited to invite you to join us at the Mayuree II Function room at the Dusit Thani Manila in Ayala Center on 02, Feb 2023 for a unique opportunity to learn about the latest insights in lending and how an integrated technology approach can help streamline operations, increase employee productivity, and launch new products with ease.

                                  Episode 09
                                    How MSMEs can access the credit they need to better their livelihood #impactfinance

                                    Listen to MAYUR MODI, Co-founder & Co-CEO of MONEYBOXX FINANCE LIMITED where we speak on how MSMEs can access the credit they need to better their livelihood.

                                    Episode 09
                                      Challenges and opportunities of eV Lending and the technology that will help scale.

                                      Listen to Nehal Gupta, Director of AMU leasing, where we speak on the challenges and opportunities of eV Lending and the technology that will help scale.

                                      Episode 09
                                        The percentage of Lending of co-operative banks is extremely low and needs to increase

                                        Listen to George Verghese, our Head of Sales speak on Cooperative banks’ low percentage of lending and the need to increase.

                                        Episode 09
                                          5 Key Insights on lending in MSME Sector

                                          Bringing together our knowledge and expertise in empowering lenders with our unified lending technology across the length and breadth of the nation, we will now be posting useful insights for the lenders to scale with confidence. Now is the time to lend and scale your operations.

                                          Episode 09
                                            AllCloud's Journey beyond the local market of Telangana - Rahul Jain at FinTech Festival India

                                            Rahul Jain, Co-founder AllCloud speaking at Fintech Festival India about the journey of AllCloud - A FinTech from Telangana. #fintech #fintechstartup #fintechsolutions #fintechindustry