Empowering Co-lending Partnerships.

Associate with more partners, and offer better credits to borrowers–All Orchestrated on our robust Co-lending Platform.

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One unified solution for loan servicing

Provide Accounts statement for Borrowers, Interest Certificates, and manage the entire Borrow Loan servicing from a single Interface.

AllCloud Co-lending Solution creates the schedule for all types of Co-lending arrangements.

100 % Schedule for monitoring the borrower’s repayment and internal splits of the Co-lenders.

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Co-Loan Origination
Co-Servicing Management

Make data transfer between partners – Fast, Efficient, and Secure

With AllCloud Co-lending APIs and data sheets provide all the required data to partners, and smoothen data transfer and reconciliation. Create More Trust with Seamless Integrations.

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Work with Multiple Partners

Co-lending as a strategy works best with more options. Work with more partners and Co-design Credits products to ACE policies for more opportunities. Define arrangements, tasks and revenue split.

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Decision engine

Automate decisions with Score
cards and BRE to select the apt Loan Products and best deal with Co-lenders. Our Decision engine optimizes the Loan process between Co-lenders for faster approvals and closures.

Co-Lending MIS

Elaborate MIS for Co-lending Loans that provide comprehensive visibility on all aspects of

  • Business and Processes.

  • Loan Application Statuses

  • Loan Disbursed

  • Collections

  • Defaults

Spilt Revenue / Risks

Account-wise view record of every Co-Loan giving details of Collections, Payments and Interest Splits all in a single Overview. Micromanage each Account and consolidate in MIS and reports.

Escrow Payments and Collections

Route all transactions with Escrow accounts for Disbursement and collections by integrating with Bank accounts and getting an immediate call back for transaction updates.